Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dream Theater

Are you one of those that think _ALL_ metal is just about screaming and distortion? You obviously haven't heard about for instance Dream Theater.
They've been around since '85, so they obviously know what they're doing, and they're as well well known for their proficiency with instruments.

Just spreading the word, I know many will be grateful for this tip. Here is one of my favorite songs, if you want other similar ones, check out "Through her eyes", "Finally free", or "the spirit carries on".

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best Band In The World.

So I'm about to expose the best heavy metal band that ever existed. They're pretty unknown and underground, but everyone who has ever heard their music has to admit that they're pretty darn good.
The name of the band is Kalmah. Its karelian (an underground language originating from the deep forests of Finland) and means "to the grave" or "to death".
This was the first band I ever called my "favourite band" and I can't say I've found any other band to replace them yet, and I'm doubting I ever will. If you're into metal you should really check them out, the song I added here isn't even nearly as good as their best songs in my opinion (I'll let you explore their music yourself), but still high above the average metal songs.

These guys even invented their own genre, 'Swamp Metal', and oh my, isn't it awesome.
Stay tuned for more reviews.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Yeah today I made a new youtube account. My last one got banned because I apparently uploaded copyrighted material. I miss that account. :/
I had around two million views all together, one video was the version of  this video with most views, around 1,5M.. Respect to him tho.

I was thinking of starting uploading new interesting videos (this time I'll make sure none of them are copyrighted) so stay updated and visit my blog every now and then!
 I will also review some underground metal bands so stay up to date, all im saying.
cheers bros!